Wave of Innovation in Telecom and Broadcasting

Mar 11

Sem fim à vista para os “Sistemas de Radiodifusão”View Post

Sem fim à vista para os “Sistemas de Radiodifusão”

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Jan 08

Tv: Sony Is Going to Make a Cable Killing Streaming TV Service Later This Year(via @Gizmodo) -

Variety reports that one of Sony’s big fish announcements this year will be a broadband TV service that’ll compete directly with cable. The TV service will offer multiple channels licensed from different content companies and will stream over the Internet.

Dec 21


Nov 30

“Uma avaliação do impacto da utilização do MPEG DASH na rede, em função da adaptabilidade desta técnica”View Postshared via WordPress.com

“Uma avaliação do impacto da utilização do MPEG DASH na rede, em função da adaptabilidade desta técnica”

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shared via WordPress.com

Nov 14


Oct 31

“Teri Osborn vividly remembers the first time she appeared on television.” — A new wrinkle in interactive TV

Oct 23

In Mobile World, Tech Giants Scramble to Get Up to Speed -

Companies like Google, Microsoft and Intel are scrambling to reinvent their businesses now that the old model — a customer sitting at a PC — no longer applies.

Cellular Transmission Looks to Complement Traditional News Gathering

Oct 17

The future is now: 10 startups leading the way in ‘big data’ | VentureBeat -

“Big data” isn’t just an enterprise trend. It’s a technological innovation that is already making a difference in your life.
Police are mixing crime data and sociological information to anticipate incidences of crime. A small cadre of scientists in Silicon Valley is harnessing genetics data to detect early signs of disease. For business owners and harried IT executives, it’s easy feel overwhelmed with the flood of so-called big data options on the market. That is, if you buy into the trend at all.

Oct 04

What if Web Users Could Sell Their Own Data? -

That’s the premise behind a start-up called Enliken.