A survey out today finds that 88% of current Apple customers would be interested in buying an Apple television. More surprising, among non-Apple owners, 80% of owners of a flat-panel TV say they’d be extremely, very or somewhat interested in an Apple TV.

Boston-based inventor Steven Hollinger has patented the design for a throwable ball-shaped camera that could capture images along its trajectory mid-flight.

Investigators for Samsung find that all employees at its manufacturer’s factory are of legal working age. Some employees work overtime, however, and have no access to medical clinics. Read this blog post by Dara Kerr on Internet & Media.

With a new logo, a new operating system, and new phones on the way, Microsoft is definitely barrelling into the future. Presumably that’s why it spruced up its Services Agreement as well.

By now, it seems like just about every possible part of the iPhone 5 has leaked. There’s not much left for a surprise. There’s so little left, in fact, that there are all kinds of full-assembled iPhone 5 mock-ups on Taobao (it’s like a Chinese Ebay-ish, Amazon-y thing) already.
They’re obviously…

Drone+, which tracks media reports of casualties and maps locations of drone strikes, was rejected by the App Store for ‘objectionable’ content. Read this blog post by Steven Musil on Apple.

Apple kills Star Trek (by HAL9000archives)

Samsung this week was teasing what appears to be a newfangled laptop-tablet hybrid. Read this blog post by Brooke Crothers on Microsoft.

Video Delivery Solutions - Whiteboard Video (by Level3Communications)