Istock_smartphone_cellphone_handsThis week we found an app that will help you get directions to where you’re going and get the best gas prices along the way, as well as an app that will help you find a hotel once you reach that destination — even if you’re arriving in the wee hours of the morning.

WazethumbIf you’re not familiar with Waze, the service offers turn-by-turn directions and uses its collective user base to keep track of traffic and road conditions. When you have the app running during your commute to work, Waze is keeping track of how fast you’re traveling. That information is then reported back into the app and provided to other drivers to help influence their driving decisions. For instance, you could see that other Waze drivers were traveling 10 mph on a highway where they usually go 75.

Samsung-galaxy-s-iii-600The first Galaxy S arrived in 2010. Prior to it, the “hero” Android device was the Motorola Droid, but the Galaxy set a new standard with its bright screen, slim form and wide availability. The Samsung Galaxy S II came the following year, taking the line a step further with a better processor, improved camera and extremely thin design. Thanks to the S II, Samsung became the top Android phone maker in the world.

Apps-roundup-600This week we found a new app to edit photos on your iPhone, as well as another that lets you heavily customize the videos you record with your phone.

Tumblr-on-600Following in the footsteps of its current Android app, the Tumblr iOS app will offer a number of the features currently available on Tumblr, while customizing that experience specifically for a mobile environment.

Myforce-campus-There are tons of emergency alert apps on iOS, Android and BlackBerry platforms, but MyForce is uniquely effective. Here’s why — other GPS security apps such as Silent Bodyguard or the Red Panic Button send messages to the users’ phone contacts. The MyForce app, on the other hand, sends reports to 24/7 alarm monitors who will connect to 911 dispatchers after an emergency is validated.

Mobile-smartphone-600Tiggzi is a new app that hopes to level the playing field between highly experienced developers and tech-savvy business owners — and save companies tons of money in the process.

SmartphoneA new Kickstarter project called Elphi aims to help you keep control of appliances when you’re not around. The device plugs in to any electrical outlet and syncs with appliances via its iPhone and Android app. Not only can you turn devices on and off, you can also check power activity. This means if you’re monitoring an elderly grandparent, you can see when they turned on the light in the morning.

IcecreamsandwichTake a look at this video where we examine why this is happening. Even though Android dominates smartphones with an overwhelming 65% market share, it’s a shame it’s not capable of putting its best foot forward on a wider scale — at least not yet.

Flipboard-android-galaxy-siii-600To sign up, head on over to Flipboard will email you instructions so you can set up the beta version on your phone.