Siri360Ever since we got our iPhone 4S, we’ve been having a lot of fun with its built-in digital assistant, Siri. An excellent repository to all kinds of Siri tricks has been Now, there’s Life with Siri, an ebook that compiles the funniest Siri responses from the site, giving you plenty of fodder to show off your new iPhone 4S to your envious Christmas guests.

Jodi Dery, the author of the book, gave us permission to show you 10 of the funniest Siri dialogues, giving you a sneak preview of the Life with Siri ebook. We took a look at a copy of the book, and it’s not only a humorous source of Siri sarcasm and saucy rejoinders, but it’s full of useful info about what Siri can do and how you can use it.

Social-media-presents-360Black Friday is a lot like Facebook — you’re either obsessed with it, or you try to avoid it at all costs. It’s also equally as fast and crowded, which is why the two are so perfect for each other!

This year, social media has become a great platform for many big companies hoping to cash in on the big day. Some are running contests for gift cards or exclusive pre-madness shopping sprees, and some are donating to charities each time a customer checks in to a store on location networks.