Mobile-smartphone-600Tiggzi is a new app that hopes to level the playing field between highly experienced developers and tech-savvy business owners — and save companies tons of money in the process.

Instagram-app-store-600By now, it’s clear that mobile has arrived in a big, earth-shaking way. Last year smartphones outsold PCs for the first time in history. By 2015, mobile devices will account for almost 80% of Internet usage.

Mobile-apps-600The massive growth of the app market has coincided with the creation of a parallel niche industry — the proliferation of accessible, low-cost development alternatives to traditional shops and agencies.

Appsig60068% of respondents to a survey by the marketing company App Promo said their most successful app earned $5,000 or less. 63% said their most successful creation couldn’t break 50,000 downloads. Just 20% said they made enough money to keep a standalone business afloat. On the other side of the success line, 12% of App Promo respondents created products that earned them $50,000 or more, while 11% reported at least 500,000 downloads.

Mobile-apps-600But coding illiteracy could soon become less of an issue for wannabe iOS app developers if a startup called RadicalFlow achieves its mission. The company says it needs $75,000 to make the vision real for everyone and is taking to Kickstarter to raise funding. With donations open until May 26, RadicalFlow had raised about $3,500 at time of writing.

Etsy-hacker-grants-women-in-techIt’s a constant effort for Etsy to find and hire qualified female engineers, but there just aren’t enough. Three of the 96 engineering and operations employees last September were women. Since then, that number has gone up to 11.

Mobile-apps-600Mobile development has come a long way in the past few years. But as technology continues to introduce new and more innovating products at a rapid pace, there’s room for many developers to make huge mistakes along the way — ones that could jeopardize their product or even their entire business.

Apps-image-6001Many companies have mobile apps at the top of their to-do lists, but while churning out a quick app is fairly straightforward, developing a strategic application or digital “solution” is considerably more complex. Smart planning is essential.

Impending-360It’s increasingly difficult to build buzz around new mobile application studios, especially when the first app on deck is something thousands of others have attempted, like a “To Do” app. Yet that’s exactly what Phill Ryu and David Lanham, the two masterminds behind Impending, Inc. have managed to do.

Ryu and Lanham are longtime members of the Mac and iOS development communities. Ryu’s past projects include MacHeist, The Heist and his work at tap tap tap. Lanham is a visual designer and artist, creator of the famed Twitterrific icon and is well-known for his work at the Iconfactory.

Last week, the pair formally launched Impending, their new app venture, alongside a teaser for their first app, Clear. Clear is a new to-do list app for iPhone and iPod touch that they’re developing in conjunction with the team at Realmac Software.

Cloud2For mobile app developers, building an app rarely takes place in a vacuum, as most users expect their apps to interface and work with various Internet services.