Virus-malware-death-skull-600We’ve gathered up a few simple tips and updates to be aware of when protecting your Mac from its now-uncertain security. In short, pay attention to operating system updates, improved app features and antivirus protection.

Foursquare-600Now BlackBerry users can experience checking in and earning badges on the latest version of Foursquare.

Mobile-wallet-istockThe PayPal Here app is the best of both worlds. It runs on a smartphone, but also lets you create a catalog of products, complete with description and photo. The items can be arranged for ease of use on the iPhone, but for now the Android version only shows items in the order they were added.

Top10tech-600For instance, Microsoft gave us a double-barreled look at two of its hot upcoming products, including the surprise rollout of Surface tablet, as well as a revealing peek at its Windows Phone 8 operating system. Both promise to shake things up in the tech world.

Gavel-600Judge Richard Posner dismissed the patent case late Friday evening, writing in his opinion that neither side proved any damages caused by the other party. His ruling came with prejudice, meaning neither side can reopen the case to attempt to prove damages for a second time.

Living-with-an-ultrabook-600After working with Apple to help craft some of the technology in the initial MacBook Air design, Intel took the ball and ran with it, launching the Ultrabook concept. Ultrabooks are the Air’s ethos adapted to Windows PCs — thin and light laptops that sacrifice a few rarely used features (like optical drives) to create a nimble machine that can actually perform.

Iphone-gizmodoThose in the mobile phone space and Apple fans have attempted to figure out what direction Apple might take with the iPhone 5. Will the homescreen go retro? Maybe it will be made with LiquidMetal? Or perhaps it will have a transparent screen (highly unlikely)?

Samsung-galaxy-s-iii-600The first Galaxy S arrived in 2010. Prior to it, the “hero” Android device was the Motorola Droid, but the Galaxy set a new standard with its bright screen, slim form and wide availability. The Samsung Galaxy S II came the following year, taking the line a step further with a better processor, improved camera and extremely thin design. Thanks to the S II, Samsung became the top Android phone maker in the world.

Microsoft-surface-tablet-640Everything about Surface—from the shroud of mystery around the Los Angeles launch event to the presentation’s focus on hardware and design—is out of character for Microsoft. The tablet (which could be viewed as a full-blown tablet or a hybrid tablet PC) is ultra-thin, with a 10.6-inch screen and USB, micro SD and micro HD video connectivity.

Apple-store-600The clean and modern interior of Apple stores may be the perfect canvas to display the company’s shiny gadgets and entice consumers into making a spendy purchase. It’s aesthetically pleasing, sure — but there’s also a deeper concept behind the way the stores are laid out (Hint: Even the tilt of the laptop screens is intended to coerce you into trying one).