Hone_thumbAttach the Hone device to your keychain, then pair it with either your iPhone 4S or the new iPad. When you can’t seem to find your keys, tap the “Find” button in the app. If your Hone device is within 150 feet, it will signal its position by audibly lighting up and vibrating. If you’re not within range, you can walk around with the app open and the on-screen proximity display will sync with the device’s built in sensor to “hone” in on your keys’s position.

Nokia-lumia900-600At the moment, Apple and Google don’t appear to have much to worry about, but the beleaguered RIM does since project starts for Windows Phone are outpacing those for BlackBerry by a four-to-one margin. That, at least, is by the reckoning of Flurry Analytics.

Mobile-smartphone-600Tiggzi is a new app that hopes to level the playing field between highly experienced developers and tech-savvy business owners — and save companies tons of money in the process.

Tim-cook-highlights-600Speaking about Facebook, Cook said he thought Apple’s relationship with the social network is “very solid” and that Apple could do more with the company. He encouraged people to “stay tuned.” Many read that as a hint that deeper ties to Facebook might be coming in iOS 6 — similar to how Apple integrated Twitter at the OS level in iOS and OS X 10.8 “Mountain Lion” — but Cook wouldn’t elaborate.

Instagram-baby-600Instagram’s calling card is the photo filter, a digital layer that, when added to a standard photo, gives it the appearance of professional editing. Some filters enhance the colors in a photo, while other dull the light to a soft glow for an aged, vintage appearance.

Microphone“We love singing in the shower and always wanted to create a music based game, we just couldn´t find the right recipe,” Vlado Hrincar, one of the developers for the app told Mashable. “Then we came across the Draw Something concept and that was it. Enlightened by the idea, we put our next-big-thing gaming project on hold and started working on Sing Something.”

Microsoft-office-professional_2010-600The report said it’s unclear whether Microsoft plans to release Office on iOS for just the iPad or for the iPhone and iPod Touch as well. A spokesperson for Microsoft declined to comment to Mashable about the story.

GraveCalled My Last Wish, the app encourages users to post wishes on a ‘Wish Wall’ and then befriend others who might share their dreams.

Mobile-apps-600But coding illiteracy could soon become less of an issue for wannabe iOS app developers if a startup called RadicalFlow achieves its mission. The company says it needs $75,000 to make the vision real for everyone and is taking to Kickstarter to raise funding. With donations open until May 26, RadicalFlow had raised about $3,500 at time of writing.

TwizgridYou can view an assorted collection of photos from the whole site at once, or you can narrow your photo search down by a specific category. You can also just check out photos that have been posted by people you’re following or being followed by, or narrow your search down to a specific geographic location.