Designer-mice-thumbnailMicrosoft is quite proud of its hardware history and some of its latest innovations. In recent years, it’s done some impressive stuff with mice. The latest Explorers offer haptic feedback and, with new Windows 8 drivers, will allow you to scroll horizontally (if you’ve seen the new Metro interface, this actually makes a lot of sense).

Gesture-control-600The mouse, having played its role in the transformation of the personal computer, is now almost outdated. If you think about it, when the mouse was first invented in the 1960s, computers were unrecognizable from the sleek, sophisticated devices we use today.

So has the mouse had its day? Technical innovations are incoming in the next year or so that promise to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds like never before, whether that’s controlling your computer with gestures, opening programs with your eyes or extending the menu options for touchscreens with wearable devices.