Facebookcall1The button, which was first spotted by TechCrunch, is located next to the “Message” option on Facebook Timeline’s layout. The “Chat” button would replace the subtle video-camera icon now used to start an online video chat.

Windows-8-start-mash-600According to an Agence France-Press report, Ballmer believes that its highly-anticipated Windows 8 series will usher in the “rebirth” of Microsoft’s operating systems. He dubbed the upcoming Windows 8 product as the company’s “deepest, broadest and most impactful” software the company has ever created, the report said.

Istock_smartphone_cellphone_handsIf you’ve always wanted to be a superhero, a new augmented reality app lets you start your crime-fighting career. If you want to be a superhero for nature, another app takes a look at how the earth is changing over time. The app shows dramatic before-and-after shots of places affected by changes in climate, urbanization or just the power of nature.

OprahBut this isn’t your typical Oprah show. She is incorporating social media and interactivity into every episode across various platforms, from Facebook and Twitter to Skype and Instagram. For example, Oprah encourages viewers at home and in the audience to live tweet responses to the topics mentioned on the show and then discusses them in real-time with her guests.

Skype_globeSkype for Windows version 5.8 is out, bringing several interesting features, including full HD video-calling, group screen sharing and Facebook integration.

Full HD video calls will be most useful to those who own a HD webcam, for example Logitech C920 which does the video encoding itself thus improving HD video quality on older computers.

Video calling for Facebook works even with users who don’t use Skype. To start a video call with a Facebook buddy, select the person in your list and click “video call.”

Finally, group screen sharing, available with Skype Premium, allows you to share your screen or an application window with other participants of a conference call. To activate it, choose the + menu during a call and select “share my screen.”

Other new features include a push to talk hotkey, the ability to hide offline Facebook contacts and Bing Toolbar integration.

Windows-phone-big-600Brace yourself, Windows Phone users, because everything’s going to change.

An internal Microsoft video that was supposedly leaked to a website reveals that the entire mobile operating system will be revamped later this year to better integrate it with the upcoming Windows 8. Many abilities will be added and some software will be junked, but if the report is true one thing’s for sure: Windows Phone 8 will be the biggest leap forward for the mobile OS to date.

PocketNow reports that Windows Phone 8, code-named Apollo and scheduled for after the next update (“Tango”) will greatly expand the hardware options available to Microsoft’s manufacturing partners. Right now Microsoft keeps tight guidelines on Windows Phone to avoid Android‘s “fragmentation” problem, but Windows Phone 8 will expand support to four different screen resolutions, multicore processors and removable microSD cards.

Another notable addition: support for near-field communication (NFC), the same wireless tech used for mobile payments. The leaked video describes Windows Phone’s “wallet experience” as being potentially carrier-branded and controlled, and it’ll work across multiple platforms, letting the phone share content with PCs and tablets.

More fundamentally, Windows Phone 8 will share many software components with its big brother, Windows 8. Developers will apparently be able to reuse most of their code when porting an app from desktop to mobile. The kernel, networking stacks, security and multimedia elements will all have some interchangeability.