Mobile-wallet-istockThe PayPal Here app is the best of both worlds. It runs on a smartphone, but also lets you create a catalog of products, complete with description and photo. The items can be arranged for ease of use on the iPhone, but for now the Android version only shows items in the order they were added.

Twitter-site-600So you’re running a small business and you’ve got the basics of social networking mastered: You tweet often, you’ve created a venue on Foursquare and your Facebook Page is beautiful. How do you move to the next level of social marketing mastery?


College-student-600A few years back Richard Easterlin, an early economist in the econometrics of “happiness” published a surprising study. After looking at many things that correlate to happiness, including economic success and having kids, which surprisingly did not correlate, he found three correlations: health, marriage, and education.

Tripping-south-koreaTripping is an online aggregator of home rentals around the world. Tripping works with a number of rental sites popular in various parts of the world to collect the best listings available. Users can find vacation stays in apartments, cabins, bungalows and boats — or something a little more luxurious.

Hone_thumbAttach the Hone device to your keychain, then pair it with either your iPhone 4S or the new iPad. When you can’t seem to find your keys, tap the “Find” button in the app. If your Hone device is within 150 feet, it will signal its position by audibly lighting up and vibrating. If you’re not within range, you can walk around with the app open and the on-screen proximity display will sync with the device’s built in sensor to “hone” in on your keys’s position.

Education-tech-600Traditional MBAs, which have usually focused on accounting and finance, have a hard time producing the type of business leaders companies are currently looking for. Specifically, companies want ethical problem solvers with strong digital and entrepreneurial skills, who are team players and work well in diverse environments. Yet, a 2008 study of top business schools found that curricula lacked valued “thematic elements” such as soft skills, information technology, globalization and corporate and social responsibility.

World_wide_web-600These companies are tapping into the public’s power to change the world through tech, whether it’s encouraging others to take up the challenge of living below the poverty line or helping teens give back to their local communities. While the companies are diverse, they are all on a mission to change our lives for the better and improve society

Twitter-questionSeeing those options have increased clicks to companies’ polls hosted on GoPollGo. “The people who are running the polls typically see three-to-four more times engagement,

Share-button-600Guy Avigdor and his two brothers created Twtrland and are now launching Yamana. Twtrland is a tools that helps you analyze people based on their tweets. Just enter your Twitter handle into the site and see a breakdown of your followers and which Tweets were the most popular.