GtarDesigned by the California-based Incident Technologies, the guitar includes an app and a piece of hardware to connect to your guitar. Once you dock your iPhone on the hardware and load the app, integrated LEDs on the fretboard will illuminate — thereby allowing you to follow and learn how to play the guitar.

Business600Microsoft says it does send copyright-related takedown requests to its own search engine, Bing, in addition to the multitude of requests that it sends to Google.

Spacex-dragon-6001SpaceX and NASA have tweeted a series of photos taken by the unmanned Dragon, which could become on Friday the first ever privately built spacecraft to dock at the habitable artificial satellite.

Entrepreneur-600Of course, small-business owners shouldn’t outsource every tech-related item. To prevent miscommunication, lost time, and wasted investments, certain technical projects should remain in-house and become a new hire’s full-time gig.

Business-600This relationship is more important than ever, given that freelance positions are expected to make up half of all new jobs added during the economic recovery. However, many business owners and managers struggle to learn how to navigate a relationship with a valuable team member who isn’t exactly part of the team.

Louis-vuitton-chinaOnline retail generated $121 billion in sales in China last year, up 66% from 2010, according to Barclays Capital. The size of China’s ecommerce market is expected to more than triple over the next three years, with sales reaching $420 billion by 2015. That’s 20% more than what the U.S.’s ecommerce market is forecast to bring in that year.

Hire-me-job-600Incredible job opportunities exist, if you know how to get them. Yet, college students are still earning educations for jobs that technology will eliminate in the next decade, and people without backgrounds in technology are stuck in unemployment or at the dead-end of a long career, hoping their field will be revived before their luck runs out. But none of these people are actually stuck.

SynergyIt’s true — airplanes are an essential mode of travel, but today’s planes are decades old and seriously need replacing. Not only are planes an uncomfortable way to travel, but they’re not doing the environment any favors either. The Synergy Aircraft Project thinks planes need some modern updating.

Nashville-600The Seattle, Tacoma and Bellevue, Wash., area witnessed 12% tech job growth in the past two years and 7.6% STEM growth. Longer term growth in the area was even more impressive, with Seattle “boasting a remarkable 43% increase in tech employment over the decade and an 18% expansion in STEM jobs,” the Forbes report noted. Not only that, but Seattle’s tech sector remained more stable in good times and bad, compared to other regions.

Bored_1Users can import and edit text, shapes, drawings, images, PDFs, YouTube videos and PowerPoint slides onto their Prezi canvases. They can also group similar items or add layers to prevent clutter.