Internetsecurity600Abine, an online privacy company, is partnering with the California Judges Association to offer its DeleteMe service to the association’s members for free.

GooglemapsLots of sites and apps use Google Maps — paying dearly for those privileges — but there have been some high-profile defections lately, including Apple and Foursquare. In a reaction to that, Saturday Google announced lower prices for websites and apps that use more than 25,000 downloads of its maps per day over a 90-day period.

Gavel-600Judge Richard Posner dismissed the patent case late Friday evening, writing in his opinion that neither side proved any damages caused by the other party. His ruling came with prejudice, meaning neither side can reopen the case to attempt to prove damages for a second time.

College-student-600A few years back Richard Easterlin, an early economist in the econometrics of “happiness” published a surprising study. After looking at many things that correlate to happiness, including economic success and having kids, which surprisingly did not correlate, he found three correlations: health, marriage, and education.

EbooksThe figures, which were posted on GalleyCat on Friday, show that net sales revenue from ebooks exceeded that of hardcover books in the first quarter of the year: a first. The data was compiled from 1,189 publishers and did not include children’s books.

Education-tech-600Traditional MBAs, which have usually focused on accounting and finance, have a hard time producing the type of business leaders companies are currently looking for. Specifically, companies want ethical problem solvers with strong digital and entrepreneurial skills, who are team players and work well in diverse environments. Yet, a 2008 study of top business schools found that curricula lacked valued “thematic elements” such as soft skills, information technology, globalization and corporate and social responsibility.

Amazon-kindle-books-600The State Department and Amazon certainly think so. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will join Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos next Wednesday to announce a partnership that will send Kindles jam-packed with useful software to youth around the world.

Facebook-ipo-stock-chartIn a newly released court motion where some investors are suing Nasdaq, Facebook reveals Nasdaq’s software crash caused a huge mess of its IPO.

Facebookcall1The button, which was first spotted by TechCrunch, is located next to the “Message” option on Facebook Timeline’s layout. The “Chat” button would replace the subtle video-camera icon now used to start an online video chat.

Myforce-campus-There are tons of emergency alert apps on iOS, Android and BlackBerry platforms, but MyForce is uniquely effective. Here’s why — other GPS security apps such as Silent Bodyguard or the Red Panic Button send messages to the users’ phone contacts. The MyForce app, on the other hand, sends reports to 24/7 alarm monitors who will connect to 911 dispatchers after an emergency is validated.